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Frequently asked questions

What sessions do you offer ?

Depending on your needs and on the time you have to invest into a photoshoot, I offer tailor-made options :

- A short, 30-45 minutes long indoor studio session or outdoor...suitable for those who know exactly what they want, business people and managers whose time is         precious but still need   the the best professional looking photo for their business needs.

- An up to 2 hours long session indoor or outdoor...suitable for people with a wider range of photographic requests. For people who don't feel comfortable in front

  of a camera and need guidance.

  Such a session gives us plenty of time to explore, use accessories, change clothes, settings and backgrounds and leaves you with a set of different, stunning pictures     that will suit your every need.

- A 4 hour or longer session at various locations of your choice...for those adventurous people who want to explore and discover themselves under different settings and   clothes. A perfect empowerment and confidence building artistic photoshoot.

- Corporate headshot sessions for senior management, salespeople and so on. Depending on the amount of participants, sessions can range from an hour to a full day.

  Participants will take turns, spending some time in from of my camera, yielding the perfect representative.

How does it work and where does it happen?

Knowing your time is precious and more importantly that most of you are either not comfortable in front of a camera or have never experienced being in front of one, 

following an initial conversation from which I will understand from you exactly what your expectations are, I will come to you prepared, ready to meet your needs.

I will come to your place of choice, your home, work place or any place that makes you feel at ease with all my lighting equipment and backdrops for you to choose from unless you choose to be photographed in front of your natural environment.

The photoshoot is done as if you were in a proper studio.

Throughout the session I will be guiding and directing you and together we will create the perfect shots. 

Although sessions are limited in time, I will not leave until you are totally satisfied and your expectations are met.

What pictures will I get and how many of them?


I only shoot at the highest resolution, far higher than needed for big sized prints. From there on the pictures can be downsized to any format suitable for your needs.

Depending on the length of the session I shoot between 100 to 300 pictures, more if needed, deleting whatever is not good enough on the spot.

Most of the pictures of each pose will look pretty similar but you will receive all of them.and ultimately you will choose only one winner out of the hundreds that will represent you at your best.

Printing selected photos is also a possibility.

Do you retouch photos ?

Every single picture, whether 10 or 300 of them receives my personal attention and where needed I make slight adjustments and crops to perfect the shot.

The lighting and camera settings I use as well as my experienced eye will make it unnecessary to do more than those slight adjustments.

I am skilled in Photoshop but tend not to use it for portraits. Should you insist on removing or enhancing certain parts anyway, I will do the necessary.

״I am shy, I'm not photogenic״

This is where my knowledge and expertise comes in handy.

Being at bit shy and at times a bit introverted myself I know very well how you feel and therefore am able to approach you in the exact way that will make you feel at ease, talking to you, guiding you  and showing you the results as we go along.

In my eyes, there is no such thing as a non photogenic person. There is beauty in each and every one of us and my mission is to show you exactly how beautiful you are.

You will be amazed when comparing the first batch of pictures to the last ones as the session evolves and you see yourself on the screen,  how you open up like a flower.

What should I wear? Should I use make-up ?

Depending on the type of session we will be having, my advise is: wear what represents you or your profession.

For a typical business headshot, the tendency is to dress up. Depending on the time we decide to spend together, you can alternate between styles or clothes.

If we go the artistic portrait way, the sky is the limit and any piece of clothing, accessory or prop you feel like using is welcome.

The camera tends to capture more than the eye can see. Although the lighting I use should do the trick, feel free to make up or bring along your own makeup artist.

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