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Before or after the storm?

Life has its ways to deal you blows. Sometimes you see them coming and sometimes you don't. You fall, you stand up, fall again and stand up again.

After a few of these blows, you stand up dazzled and try your best to regain focus. You do your best to learn from your mistakes to avoid the same hits coming at you again...the ones that you saw coming but you either had your guard down or were too cocky and overconfident thinking you could avoid them.

Then there's the ones you don't see coming, situations that are out of your control. They are the hardest to learn from because all you can really do is deal with them rather than avoid them.

It's easy to become overcautious, to constantly be looking over your shoulder and be prepared for something bad to happen. But that would mean living in constant fear and forgetting to look at the color surrounding the grey next looming storm.

Remember that black is the absence of light and therefore color. All you need to do is look for just a bit of light and color will slowly show. Slowly you will want to surround yourself with more color and naturally follow the light.

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