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The start of a journey

So here we are, April 2020, the world took a strange turn. People's lives as they knew it won't, from the looks of it ever be the same and neither will mine.
After a bit over 30 years in the diamond trade, the company I have been working for, for 28 of those years has decided to let me go last month.
Although the dynamics behind the scenes and the market changes pretty much prepared me for the day and it was bound to happen from a while back already, it still came to me as a shock. You never know how hard it will hit you until it actually does hit you.
After a couple of days getting over the initial shock I got to realize maybe it's a blessing in disguise. You work your butt off for such a long period of time, make a decent living and pretty much get to experience everything you wish to. You manage to provide for your family's every need and make sure your kids don't miss out on anything.
Still, there's something missing, although you're an ace at what you do, as time goes by and stress takes over, you don't truly enjoy what you do anymore and you wish you'd be doing something else, anything. But you convince yourself that you and your family are safe with that routine. Why change something that works ?
So there you have it: I wanted something else, I got the boot up my behind so to say, so there you go...maybe it's a sign now is the time.
Question is: What is that blessing? What will that something else be ? I am very passionate about everything I do and constantly experience and learn new things and every new passion I have, being photography, diving, horse riding, skiing and so many more, brings me tho wish I'd be doing this for a living.
It's one thing to be good at what you do out of passion and it's another making a living out of it whiteout affecting your family's way of life.
I've done some crazy things in my life, dealt with the unknown, have been put up with all kinds of challenges and pretty much dealt with all of them successfully but this, leaving your comfort zone and deciding which way you are going to turn your life into is definitely one of THE scariest ones.

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